E411 Fall Semester 2017 Outline
August 22Introduction to Invertebrate Paleontology
August 24Introduction to macroinvertebrate phyla
August 29Marine Ecology and Paleoecology; Chapter 1
August 31Morphology, ultrastructure and taphonomy of fossil shells: Testing the fidelity of the fossil record
September 5Preservation and Fossilization; Chapter 2
Saturday September 10Field Trip to Madison, IN to study fossils, stratigraphy and sedimentology
September 12The live cycle of individuals - Ontogeny
September 14Fossil and modern populations; statistical analyses; Chapter 3
September 19The species concept
September 21Classification and taxonomy; Phylum Mollusca; Chapter 4
September 26Phylogeny: principles and relationships of major groups
September 28Fossils
October 3Evolution morphology; Chapter 5
October 5Form and function: classification and comparative functional morphology – bivalves and brachiopods
October 10Biostratigraphic concepts and methods; the utility of biostratigraphy; Chapter 6
October 12The utility of biostratigraphic groups: cephalopods
October 17Evolution: definitions, evolutionary rates and patterns Chapter 7
October 19Mobility of invertebrates: functional morphology of arthropods and echinoderms
October 24GSA meeting, no formal class period - study for exam
October 26

Midterm Exam

October 31Macroevolution and its relation to ecology; Chapter 8, p. 211-228
November 2Precambrian record of evolution and Cambrian "Explosion" in Chapter 10
November 7Discussion of concepts and theory with fossil specimens
November 9Fossils
November 14Extinction, mass extinction, and patterns of recovery after extinctions; Chapter 8, Selections from Chapter 10
November 16Paleoecology: exemplified by corals and encrusters concepts and definitions; Chapter 9
November 20-23Thanksgiving Break
November 28Paleoecologic methods and evolutionary paleoecology
November 30Biogeographic concepts; Chapter 9
December 5Biologic and ecologic advantages of coloniality
December 7Class discussion of conservation and paleobiology. Chapter 10
December 14Final Exam 5:00-7:00 pm Thursday December 14, Room 522

Selected topics to be discussed during the semester