Look at this site to learn more about this history of life from fossils:
Digital Atlas of Ancient Life
Paleontological Research Institution

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E411 Fall Semester

Week 1

Read textbook chapter 1: Paleontology as a science
Lec 1 Overview.pptx
Lec 2 History.pptx
Homework for Thursday:  written in Lec 1 Overview.ppt on slide labeled "Homework"

August 22Introduction to invertebrate paleontology
August 24Introduction to macroinvertebrate phyla - specimens

Week 2

Read textbook chapter 4: Paleoecology. Lec 3 and 4: Marine Ecol.pptx
August 29Marine ecology and paleoecology
August 31Morphology, ultrastructure and taphonomy of fossil shells - specimens

Week 3

Read textbook chapter 5: Taphonomy and the quality of the fossil record
September 5Phyla, ecology, and shell ultrastructure exercise
September 7We will begin the semester fossil project

Week 4

Read textbook chapter 6: Fossil form and function. Lec 5 and 6 Taphonomy and the fossil record.pptx
September 12Taphonomy and special preservation windows
September 14Taphonomy and special preservation windows (continued)

Week 5

Read textbook chapter 7: Macroevolution and the tree of life
September 19Sponges and corals
September 21Work on your semester fossil project in the classroom today

Week 6

Lec 7: Ontogeny.pptx. Lec 8: Populations and statistical analyses
September 26The life cycle of individuals
September 28Fossil and modern populations; statistical analyses

Week 7

Lec 9 Species.pptx. Lec 10 Dating the rock record using fossils.pptx. Textbook chapter 2: Stratigraphy. Look at textbook figures on cephalopods p. 390-405
October 3The species concept
October 5Biostratigraphy – relative time using fossils – cephalopods as an example
October 7Saturday, October 7, Field Trip to Falls of the Ohio State Park

Week 8

Read textbook chapter 9: The origin of life
Read textbook chapter 11:  Origin and expansion of the metazoans
Lec 11 Origin of life.pptx      
Lec 12 PC explosion of life.pptx


October 10The origins of life
October 12Precambrian explosion of life

Week 9

I will be at the GSA Annual Meeting this week
October 17Work on your semester fossil project in the classroom today
October 19Work on your semester fossil project in the classroom today

Week 10

Brachiopods and bryozoans
October 24
October 26

Week 11

October 31
November 2

Week 12

November 7
November 9

Week 13

Echinoderms and hemichordates
November 14
November 16Work on your semester fossil project in the classroom today. Lecture presentation at Colby College

Week 14

November 21Thanksgiving Break
November 23Thanksgiving Break

Week 15

Graduate student presentation
November 30Exam Part 1: Student learning outcomes a, b, c, d

Week 16

Review and complete projects
December 5Graduate student presentation
December 7

Exam Part 2: Student learning outcome 'e.' 
Use the scientific method to design a research project for your favorite fossil
Graduate students’ research paper is due today
Undergraduates’ semester fossil project is due today