Course Details

Fall semester, 2017
Section 30126, 3 credit hours

Welcome to the home page for E411, Invertebrate Paleontology. This course explores the application of biological principles and use of invertebrate fossils in the study of Earth’s history; origin of life and the early fossil record; evolution; approaches of taxonomy; chemistry of fossils; ecology of ancient life, and use of fossils to measure geologic time. Prerequisites: L105.

Course Objectives

Objectives of the course are twofold: To increase your basic knowledge of the diversity of life forms that evolved during billions of years of Earth’s history To gain an appreciation of the theoretical framework for these evolutionary and extinction events.

Through lectures, discussions, assigned readings, exercises, and an abundance of analyses with invertebrate fossils, you will be exposed to numerous aspects of paleontology. You will complete the course knowing the issues and debates important to the field.